Hugh Augustine Is On The Rise With His Latest Single, "Nights On Replay" feat. Syd.

"Running back on rewind, while I got you it’s mine, I see I’m matching your energy, with compatible signs, can I swim in your vibes, can I play in your mind"
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Hugh Augustine, a rapper on the rise from Los Angeles has been on a continuous grind to showcase his lyrical talent. He currently has three albums, Massimo Ciabatta, Still Standin’ on LaBrea and Word is Bond! His singles include Back to Life and his most recent one, Nights on Replay. In regards to where Hugh is now, during an interview with Hip Hop DX, Hugh Augustine says, “Massimo Ciabatta was chronicling my life from 2013 to 2015 and this new project is everything that’s happened in the last year. Expect a new vibe and bigger sound. It’ll have a better sound design, which is a big thing with me. I’m making sure that our music can compete on these big sound systems when it comes to all genres. I want the bass and everything to hit hard but I want this to be true to the Hugh Augustine sound”.

In understanding Hugh's latest single, first and foremost, before one can begin to dissect, analyze or understand the content and lyrics of a song, the artist/song first has to be able to attract listeners through the production and captivation of a beat. Hugh Augustine did just that in his single“Nights on Replay” featuring Syd. This song had several different style undertones, varying between neo-soul, rap and RNB, which conveyed an “in the feelings” mood with a mixture of a hood love vibe. Nights on Replay, reaching over 75k plays, reminisces on the love, feelings, attraction, and high vibes of two people simply enjoying the company and chemistry of each other. 

Check out the video above and stay tuned for more heat from Hugh Augustine.