HF® x Camille Safiya @ The Delancey, NYC

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HYPEFRESH® Magazine gets a moment with New Jersey’s very own eclectic soul songstress Camille Safiya after an amazing performance for The Come Up Radio show created by Chris Mordi at The Delancey in Lower Manhattan. With a Dj appearance from Dj Michael Medium of Hot 97, and also a large range of talented arising hip hop artists, Camille stands alone.

Gracing the stage with her soulful presence the audience was in tune and passenger for a melodic ride through artistic expression. Performing tracks from her latest project collaboration with Frankie P(ASAP mobs in house producer)"Island Blues | The Sonic Memoirs" and previewing her new work as well. Be on the look out for more from Camille as she sets forth on a promising future. Visit CamilleSafiya.com to download her music and see her latest video "40 OZ. Dreamz". Be on the look out for her next video release which she tells us will be a mini horror movie “hint hint” stay tuned in!

Author: Jemyle Jones - HF®