Ikey - Return of King Jaffe

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Ikey Return of King Jaffe

Nigerian-American artist Ikey elaborately melts together his calm lyrics with his aggressive instrumental in his new track "Return of King Jaffe." It's a great oxymoron, if anything.

Born in New York, with roots in both Spanish Harlem and Lagos, Nigeria, Ike Obioha incorporates the diverse palette of his father's music collection into his unique music and style, paying homage to the likes of Elton John, Journey, Neville Brothers and Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe.

With his different approach to music, Ikey found himself opening for the likes of Big Sean.

He has a penchant for blending the sounds of hip-hop's golden era with the roots of his Nigerian-American identity.

I’m just a young kid straight out of Lagos,” Ikey says. “When I see people like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie being sampled on Beyonce records, it makes me feel people want that true African story. I just feel there are a lot of Nigerian-Americans trying to tell that story, and I’m trying to tell it the right way.”

Check out Ikey's Green Card EP is out now.