Learning 'The Way' With Macy Gray

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The world became enchanted by the phenom Macy Gray when she debuted her album On How Life Is and the single “ I try” in 1999. Since then she has been blazing her own trail and keeping original fans satisfied and making new fans fall in love along the way. Whether it is singing or acting, whatever Macy delves into, she does it well. October 7, 2014 Macy is dropping her 8th album The Way and HYPEFRESH® jumped at the chance to speak with the multi-talented, unique, and beautiful Macy Gray.

To some it seems as if Macy has been flying under the radar and stopped creating music altogether but true fans know that she hasn't stopped perfecting her craft.“ I like to write records when I have something to say you know?” she asked HYPEFRESH® curator Clark Kennedy. “Something original and different.” She doesn't think artists purposefully take some time off but it's important to do so from time to time.

What she hasn't been doing is remaining stagnant. “As a person you grow everyday and whatever you do for a living you get better,” Gray says. “ As a musician that's always happening. When you make a record you bring your life experiences and use them to make music. That's why artists sound changes slightly from album to album. You just grow and get better everyday.”

She is playing by her own rules and letting us into Macy's world through her music. “We are doing it on our own this time around,” Gray says. “We have Kobolt for distribution and they have helped us a lot.”

With the reigns in her hands Macy has put her all into The Way. The intrinsic lyrics, her charismatic and eclectic charm, and her powerful voice we know and love from Macy has never ceased and this album is sure to re-sparking your flame for Macy Gray. The songstress is back and she is here to stay.

Macy's continuous growth and experiences are evident in her new album The Way.“I recently wrapped up my new album; currently we have two singles and our tour starts Oct, 17,” she mentioned. “The tour will start in the states then head over to Europe. Musically, I always write . I've been rehearsing and although I have a million things going on in my personal life this album has been top priority.”

Here at HYPEFRESH® we have our favorite single (“Bang Bang”) from her new album but we wanted to know which ones are Macy's and which songs on the album she likes the most. “ I like the title track “ The Way” and “I miss the sex” too,” she laughed. “The way” is about how everyone goes about getting to where they want to go. You never quite really figure it out. As a artist you always like the album cuts and you wont hear them until you buy the album.”


That is exactly why we are getting our very own copy Oct. 7th and not a day late. Besides keeping a look out for her album and new videos we are also anticipating seeing Macy in her new roles. “As far as acting goes I'm getting involved with Lee Daniel's Empire. It premiers in January on Fox,” Gray says. “I've done 11 movies now and just recently I've done a movie called Brotherly Love which has KeKe Palmer in it and another called November Rules with LaLa and Tatiyana Ali. Some of it isn't out yet but its on its way.”

The future is bright for Macy Gray and it's been hard work and determination which has gotten her to where she is today. If she had to give advice to the newer generation of aspiring artist she would keep it simple. “Everyone gets there on their own journey but if you truly believe in your craft and have passion and love you will get to where you need. You'll get there your own way.”

Strong words coming from a woman who did just that. She followed her own path, has her own style, and always stayed true to herself. Macy is back although she never left. Make sure you check out The Way Oct 7, 2014, available at a store near you and on iTunes.