Introducing Paul Pesci: Rising Music Prospect From New Jersey

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I was introduced to Paul Pesci through a mutual friend and colleague a few days back. Scrolling through the text message thread, my homie insisted that I check out a song that he recommended. "Sure." I responded without hesitation. "Im in the car now.. I'll give it some play." A few seconds later after syncing my car's bluetooth to my iPhone, I was nodding my head super hard to what I'd listened to.

"Damn, this shit hot." I mumbled under my breath, reaching for Soundcloud's rewind button. And spin by spin, I kept repeating the track. After 15 spins of listening to Paul Pesci's "I Swear", I put down my iPhone and sat in silence for a few moments. "This guy is reaaaaally dope." Immediately, I knew what would be my next steps to come: write a review for hypefresh.

The next day my colleague reaches out via text and asks: "how'd you like the track?"

I love this song. And here's why - it's brutally honest and straightforward.

For starters, from the moment the record dropped, I hadn't had a clue of what I walked myself into. The instrumental caught my ear and had me stuck in place. Pesci's delivery is rugged but timely, delivering bar for bar on one of the dopest tracks i've listened to this year. It's a matter of opinion though, as i'm deeply into "conscious" rap that goes deeper than the surface.

 Paul Pesci.

Paul Pesci.

One key element that stood out about Paul Pesci is his similarity to any T.D.E. artist right now. In almost what seemed to be a blend between Kendrick, Isiah Rashad, Mick Jenkins and Schoolboy Q, appeared to be far beyond my expectation. At least what I'd anticipated. But when this combo is intertwined, signed, sealed and delivered through your stereo system, it's almost like a newfound discovery in some ancient Egyptian tomb or something. Nonetheless, I was stoked overall.

"I Swear is dedicated to the moment Pesci entertained the thoughts of leaving music for good, and is a reflection of the battle between success and loyalty."

And when I mentioned "brutally honest", I meant just that. Pesci takes lyrics of hope and freedom of one day "seeing better days " and transcends them into vibrations of positivity and motivation. To never give up is what I ultimately got from it. It's clear to believe his past professional struggles in music are derived from challenging life defining situations, all which make for an amazing song.

I wouldn't call it any other way - "I Swear" is worth the listen. Just as it was passed off to me, I'm doing the same to you.