Is Lupe Fiasco Working On A Sequel To "The Cool"?

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Lupe Fiasco's latest offering, Tetsuo & Youth, was like a breathe of fresh air and helped fans forget about his previous lackluster albums. One of those albums happen to be a sequel to his first and arguably best album, Food & Liquor.

So, when Fiasco tweeted that he is working on a sequel to his sophomore album, The Cool, it instantly became a bittersweet moment (at least for me).

It's great to see that Lupe is not actually done with music like he proclaimed after the release of Tetsuo & Youth; but album sequels, let alone sequels to classics, usually do not end well (i.e Food & Liquor II).

Who knows, maybe this is one big troll. If it's not, let's just hope history doesn't repeat itself.