What We Expect From 'The Sun's Tirade'

Isaiah Rashad preps his full length debut, 'The Sun's Tirade' which is set to drop Saturday, Sept. 2nd.
Mike Cook
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Isaiah Rashad preps his full length debut, 'The Sun's Tirade' which is set to drop Saturday, Sept. 2nd.

After an unfulfilled and voided two year hiatus, Isaiah Rashad returns to the forefront of Hip Hop with a proper full- length debut album, The Sun's Tirade. He has already solidified his name as a core member of TDE on multiple occasions. Initially Rashad caught the attention of Hip hop heads during his 2014 XXL Freshman cypher -fueled by gritty and bold wordplay- where he proved his undeniable affinity for penmanship, delivery and his superior skill in freestyle.

The Chattanooga Tennessee native went on to release an impressive body of work in the form of Cilvia Demo, a capsule of his greatest work, but he failed to reach the peak that we expected. During a recent interview on the Juan Epstein podcast and Hot 97, Rashad revealed that he was battling a Xanax and alcohol addiction that was severe enough for TDE CEO, Anthony Tiffith to step in and send him home. On the podcast, Rashad stated, "Top sent me home until I got my sh*t together. He sent me home from the squad. You ain’t heard from me. You ain’t heard me drop shit until I got my sh*t together. Now, I got my sh*t together. I’m cool. Like, ain’t nobody cool. I was addicted to some sh*t so it’s not like I don’t think about it every once in awhile. I just know I got a bigger goal to do."

And unlike other artists who have struggled with addiction, we actually believe Rashad. In early 2016, he released "Free Lunch," "Smile," and "Park", singles that usher in his enigmatic style and lyrical flow over nostalgic, tantalizing production compared to his contemporaries who opt for a Trap sound. Rashad, however is Hip Hop. And from the track listing, it looks this album will be strictly for the millennial Hip Hop heads. With features from, label mate, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and SZA, Rashad is looking to continue to make a name for himself and we are all ears.

But we are expecting a lot from Rashad this go round. More gritty, lyrical content. More quality production. And more importantly, his story. After viewing the tracklist, Rashad will present a track dubbed, 'AA' which we can anticipate will cover his addiction and provide a lens into the effects of substance abuse on both his career and interpersonal relationships. We are expecting a more creative dive into his subconscious on The Sun's Tirade, and we are sure that Rashad will deliver. It will be exciting to hear the overall sound and creative direction for the album. Will there be skits? Will he fuse the sounds of Hip Hop and Trap? These are the questions that we all want answered, but only time will tell. 

Stay tuned for more information on Rashad's full length album, The Sun's Tirade which drops Sept 2nd.