It Isn't That "Often" That The Weeknd Gets A Decent At Best Rework

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decent at best reworks the weeknd often track

The Weeknd is an artist from the new school of what I like to call "Alternative R&B" that more than likely will go down in history as a legend in his own right--even in the short amount of time he's been a mainstream artist.

Duplicating a sound that is so unique, it becomes recognized as one of a kind within a genre of music, always has been something that could never be nailed quite as distinctly as it is in its original form. Nevertheless, in order to achieve such greatness, one must challenge himself to do so.

Decent At Best, a collective of friends who share a passion for blending electronic elements, live guitar, melodic vocals and hip-hop to create their own signature style make it their mission to create music that will appeal directly to your vibe. Whether you're in the mood to party, dance, or simply chill, these musicians aim to produce sounds that too will make them a legend in their own right.

One of their recent works combined various different musical stylings, from Hip-Hop, to R&B and Trap, in order to create an entirely new and unique take of a classic Weeknd joint, Often. The reworked vocals that mirror the Canadian PBR&B singer add an edginess to the record that's also accompanied by a new verse plugged in by a rapper from the group. I'd almost go on record to say that Abel would be pleased with this rendition.

Listen below.