Jacob Banks Releases A Thrilling New Visual - "GRACE"

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Jacob Banksis undoubtedly one of the UK's most talented and creative recording artists right now. Releasing his newest music video "Grace" from his most recent EP "The Paradox", it's not hard to see why the 24 year old soul-crooner is being received well in multiple countries.

In the visual, "Grace" (Directed by Johnny Fonseca) - lies a dark and gloomy plot, where it appears to start off dramatic, but then gradually builds into a sinister plot twist, becoming an epic thriller with no boundaries. Previously debuting via Pigeons and Planes this powerful tale tells the story of how manipulation in relationships can be a deadly sin.

"The 'Grace' video is about going against a 'monster' persona and choosing to be graceful but the downside to that is when you act with grace people will take you for a mug anyway, so you end up having to fight for the most basic of human privileges." - Jacob

 Jacob Banks.

Jacob Banks.

The most impressive aspect of "Grace" is Johnny Fonseca's ability to paint the picture artistically, in a 'visual' abstract that makes sense. Many times will a director attempt to create a visual that parallels the vision with the artist. And as we've seen many times before, sometimes they miss the mark. Johnny Fonseca has perfected his chemistry dynamic with the musician/artist to create astonishing visuals that 'wow' effect everyone who's watching.

Musically? It exceeds every expectation known to man. Lush vocal overlays. Raw and gritty lead vocals. Gloomy harmonies. Melancholic production, with a splash of trill vigor. Nothing shy of GRAMMY award winning material, that's exceptionally composed for the ages to come.

More from Jacob Banks as they develop further. Don't miss this epic visual for your own viewing pleasure. Watch the video above, listen to Jacob Banks’ project The Paradoxhere, and buy on iTuneshere.