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Jacob Banks Reveals The Video to "Monster"

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One of the UK’s most talented and compelling artists, Jacob Banks, has revealed the video of his new release “Monster”.

Premiered via Complex UK, “Monster”, the self-proclaimed energetic cut, co-produced with UK producer Show N Prove showcases Jacob’s killer hook on top of an already-spectacular vocal.

He is a songwriter that keeps raising the bar higher with his deeply soulful vocals shining through on everything he does.

Listeners will find Jacob’s sheer versatility apparent, whether that’s on an emotional R&B track or like "Move With You", a retro-feeling, fast-paced boogie/doo-wop smash!

“The video was fun to shoot because we weren’t supposed to be in the car park where it was shot, I felt like a grime MC which was always a dream of mine. It was shot in one take so there was a lot of organisation, it was hilarious and frustrating but it’s always magic when you see a vision come to life. The song came about when I was going through a phase of understanding that sometimes you have to take what you want, and as much as I don’t like it, sometimes it’s my only option.”