California has a long term reputation for producing some of the greatest music artist that we listen to today. From the late, great Tupac Shakur all the way up to today's mainstream artist like Kendrick Lamar, California breeds stars. That's why when it comes to Jallal, a Los Angeles hip-hop artist, he's setting the bars high.  

After finishing up a tour with Mos Def, Jallal has been in the studio perfecting and prepping his newest album release. With a style that can be described as refreshing and energetic, he takes to his tracks to discuss whats it's like to make it from the bottom, dealing with fake friends, handling the new fame, and where he draws his inspiration from. And with mentorship coming from both Mos Def and Lupe Fiasco, it can be said that he's well on his way to forging a lane of his own. His new song,"Without Drake, Mos Def, and Lupe Fiasco," which was produced by Killa J and DJ Moza, offers a new twist--something he hopes his fans will appreciate. 

Click below to check out the newest song by Jallal that's racked up over 1 million plays already!