Jemyle Jones, "N Ya Say, NYC"

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We here at HYPEFRESH® are thankful and proud to feature this video.

The number one reason is because we're huge fans of this Jamaica Queens MC - Jemyle Jones, who happens to be on the rise daily. Jones is bringing the core essence of 'true' Hip Hop lyricism back into the music scene.

Jones stated in a recent conversation:"It's all about being true to self. I'm just following and trusting my first heart and mind, without hesitation. This just feels, right." 

Seeing his climb up the ladder in the music industry, this guy's lyrical abilities are crowned king amongst the ones who know him thus far. And for the people who haven't heard of Jones yet? ... Let's just say you're in for a huge treat with this new, exclusive video 'N Ya' Say NYC'. A definite classic in the books.

If you want to go into Jemyle's music archives, visit hisSoundcloud!

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