Jeremih Faces Backlash for Allegedly Sending Stunt Double to Perform for Him in Houston

The R&B singer has been accused of enlisting a lookalike to perform his recent gig in Houston.
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As his Summer's Over Tour with PARTYNEXTDOOR stopped in Houston this past Thursday, Jeremih was met with controversy following his alleged use of a stunt double to perform in his place. 

Concertgoers - stunned by the performer's dark shades and hoodie covering his head as well as his seemingly apparent lip-syncing as he shuffled across the stage - quickly noticed that something questionable was occurring on stage.

According to Bossip, there seems to be some tension between Jeremih and tour mate PARTYNEXTDOOR. While Jeremih believes that he deserves to be a co-headliner due to his mainstream hits (such as "Don't Tell Em" and "Planes"), PARTYNEXTDOOR is reportedly against the idea because the singer lacks the fan base needed to sell tickets. Bossip also reports that this caused Jeremih to storm off his set in Chicago after performing only three songs because the singer allegedly tried to go over his allotted time as the opening act and PARTYNEXTDOOR's team had the stage engineer off his music.

The apparent feud escalated again last night during the Summer's Over Tour stop in Dallas in which Jeremih used his set time to blast PARTYNEXTDOOR and his crew, calling them "b*tch ass ni**s" and accusing the singer of trying to "stop [him] since the tour started."