Joell Ortiz & !llmind are hunting for some "Lil Piggies" in New Music Video

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If you haven't checked out Joell Ortiz' and !llmind's collaborative album, you are missing out on some of the toughest bars and banging beats of the year.

The former assaults the ears with a barrage of lyrical TNT and the latter comes through with dark production that captures the seedier essence of inner-city living.

"Lil Piggies" feels like the release of all of the two's anger visualized in the most grindhouse era Tarantino film fashion. In the first scene, three beautiful women flank !llmind, cementing his status as a ruthless mafioso boss and a man on a mission. He is on the way to meet his assassin, who happens to resemble Ortiz. The Slaughterhouse rapper is mostly only seen in a butcher shop that would have Hannibal Lecter's mouth watering and stomach rumbling. Human bodies hang from meat hooks, covered with strange pig masks. Ortiz dons a creepy, manic smile as he talks about killing other rappers and swings a machete around, in preparation for tonight's murder.

Check out the video above and definitely peep their album, humans.