Joey Purp Drops Wavy New Visual To "Girls @" Featuring Chance the Rapper

"Where all the girls at with the credit cards and the high heels..."
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Chicago rapper, Joey Purp is back with his latest visual for "Girls @" featuring Chance the Rapper. "Girls @" is on Joey Purp's mixtape, iiiDrops, which dropped this past May. 

The bouncy summer track is like Azalea Banks meets Pharrell meets funk! Fueled by neon and funkadelic creative direction from Weird Life Films, the video boasts a trippy outdoor party theme. We see Chance the Rapper and producer Knox Fortune while cruising on a flagged racecar track with women. 

Honestly, it's the perfect formula of levitating chairs and the trippiest vibrant costumes for a party you could ever imagine. Watch the visuals above and be sure to check out more from Joey Purp this year!