JoJo Is Back! Leave (Get Out) Singer Releases Three New Hot Singles

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JoJo is back with three new singles which she calls tringle.

This JoJo is far beyond the years of "Leave (Get Out)", she has evolved in all aspects, especially vocally. The three singles, "Save My Soul", "When Love Hurts", and "Say Love" have social media buzzing, and rightfully so.

Although JoJo has not released a full album since 2006, she has released two mixtapes. Her last one gained great attention with her cover of Anita Baker's "Rapture".

JoJo is coming back strong to give the fans what they want after nearly a decade.

You can hear her Tringle singles on iTunes, and her website; she is playing no games, has been promoting her new releases over the past couple of days, everything from having private listening parties to her performance next Friday in New York.

After having previous label issues and not being able to release new music because of it, to signing to Atlantic Records; Jojo has proven she is going to stay around even further this time.