Justin Rose: An Interview With Mr. Water White

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I got to sit down with Justin Rose an up and coming artist/producer from Queens, NY. Justin has been making some major waves in the industry lately just coming off a performance at Hot 97's Who's Next showcase and his mixtape listening party for his newest mixtape Water White. He was down to chat and let me ask him some questions so check out the interview below.

What inspired you to get into music?

I think when I was younger I was just looking for what made me different from everybody else, what I was really good at. I started getting into music because it was something that got me more excited and inspired then anything else I was doing.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

The Neptunes, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne

If you had to describe your sound how would you?

I think my sound is unpredictable. When people think they know me, I show them another side. I think the most consistent thing about all my sh*t is that I like drums. I'm a drummer at heart, so I always make sure my drums are interesting.

I know you started off as a producer, what made you want to step in front of the mic?

To be honest, I started off as a rapper but at the time, being a rapper was kind of corny to me. The media was making rappers look crazy at that moment, so when I started f*ckin around with FL studio it automatically was more interesting to me than rapping. I just naturally understood better. And what I didn't understand, I became addicted to learning. Making beats became like an addiction at some point and then I start learning more about the Neptunes and Timbaland and how create their sounds and sh*t. It was just way more wavy to me than rapping.

What's your dream collaboration?

Dream Collab would be James Fauntleroy, Jhene Aiko or Frank Ocean. I think me & Tyler the Creator could do some fire sh*t, I know me and Rocky could do some fire sh*t. I want to do something with Wiz forreal. I'ma make that happen if I don't make anything else happen. I want to work with Travis McCoy from the Gym Class Heroes. I think if I made the beats and he just trusted me and did his thing, we could make some f*cking heattt. Definitely Cudi too.

Where did PHC (Phli Hi Club) originate? What made you think of it?

PHC started when I went to college at St. John's in Queens. There was so many young people around me that wanted to do sh*t. I remember my freshman year I wanted to do so much, I was very ambitious. So PHC really started from the idea of what if all the ambitious people I knew just linked up and built with each other and helped each other out and used our resources and networks to help get our dreams out. So I started PHC and it naturally turned into a music thing because that's were my network was building in at the time.

When did you realize you could make a living off of music?

Uh, as soon as the Internet came into the game lol. It was pretty obvious when I was just producing. Just would take time, focus, talent and luck. And I'm a lucky n*gga so I knew I'd be straight.

Where do you draw inspiration from when creating music?

I think I draw my biggest inspiration from seeing connections in things. Breaking down influences and putting the back together differently and having people guess or watching people react to it in ways that they don't even understand. That's what makes it fun for me.

How long did it take you to find the sound and create Water White?

Unfortunately, it took like a year and a half, I hope it never takes me this long to do a project again. I had to find the right swag though. I didn't want to do super alternative music anymore. I saw everybody doing that just to be cool. It's like when everybody start rocking skate hi vans, I was wearing these sh*ts when y'all was arguing about Jay's and Foamposites lol So now it's like ok, let me switch it up on n*ggas and I think I did a good job of that on Water White. That sh*t really the waviest project n*ggas ever heard. Hands down.

Any details you could tell us about the upcoming project?

All the production is me and my guy babyxwater. Production is crazy. It's just jam after jam. My goal was to make a mixtape that you play from start to finish and jam all the way through. Real wavy sh*t. I definitely think we killed it.

What should we be expecting from you over the next couple of weeks/ the rest of the summer?

Man, I don't know yet. Only god knows, music is so unpredictable. We're gonna find out though. Just know it's gonna be a good year. A progressive one.

Lastly: Anything you'd like to say to up and coming artists/ producers?

Stay focused. Go Outside. Get better. Don't Wait For Hand Outs. Don't stress. Pray for yourself and others. Get money. Invest in yourself. Don't Hate. Stay away from lames. M.O.B. Never Give Up.