Kailee Morgue's Explosive New Single "F**K U" Is Everything You've Ever Wanted to Tell An Ex - hypefresh. | Exploring Culture.
Phoenix born, but Los Angeles based artist, Kailee Morgue, is on her way to the top with her newest single "F**K U". Headlining her first ever show in New York, she'll be singing what we all wished we would have said.

Surrounded in a sweet smelling field of yellow flowers, Kailee Morgue's newest hit single, is a sweetly written love song telling the guy she's been dating to go f*ck himself! 

Morgue who is just 19 years old, initially bursts onto people's radar's last year with a song to match the color of her hair-- "Medusa". The track, whose beat she stumbled across while on YouTube, first garnered success after being posted to Morgues Twitter account. After being dubbed the track of the week by some publications, it was clear that "Medusa" was her breakout song. Since then, this self-proclaimed introvert and second oldest of six children has been on the move. 

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Following the breakout success of "Medusa," Morgue draws the attention back with her newest single "F**K U." Directed by Tak Kamihagi, "F**K U" talks about Morgue's relationship with a guy, who clearly appreciates her like a dog appreciates a bone. In her lyrics, she says, “F*ck you, I was the brightest light you ever knew,” before going on to say that there's no happy ending for the two. Like ripping off a band-aid, Kailee Morgue got over that relationship with a quickness. 

Now in celebration of all of her new found fame, she's headlining her first show in New York at Baby's All Right tonight...and frankly, it's F**K U if you aren't there! 

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