Cali native Kamal Smith has been grinding non-stop this year. Since sitting down with the Westside native to dive into his musical evolution, artistic direction and the meaning behind his highly anticipated project, No Vacations, Kamal Smith has already returned to the scene with his new music video for "Jumpin' Out The Crib." 

With production from Redd Vision Beats and videography courtesy of Frezhediting, you can catch Kamal weaving between money beds, solidarity and color blocked studio frames, telling the story of facing your fears and garnering success at despite the adversity. When asked about the video, Kamal stated: 

Definitely Had fun making this one, Redd sent over the beat and I knew it was a hit from there, So I knew a visual would be dope to go along with the song as well!

While Kamal is steady grinding in 2018, let's all be inspired to hustle just as hard as the innovative, creative and talented Cali native. Check out the dope visual above from his highly successful album No Vacations and stay tuned for more from Kamal in 2018!