Kavale Drops New Single "20/20"

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Toronto rapper Kavale continues teasing fans with new singles, this time releasing "20/20" from his coming summer project "Carpe Diem."

The track features strong verses from Kavale that include a plethora of wordplay and aggression. His words match the substantive beat and wailing samples, an instrumental he produced himself.

"20/20" is the second single released so far from "Carpe Diem." The new track joins "West Drive," a single Kavale dropped last month with an animated music video. The quicker and rap-heavy "20/20" is a counter to the slower and soulful "West Drive," the two singles feature Kavale's varied yet consistent style. Additionally, both tracks follow another Kavale loosie, "Hold On," which he dropped in February.

Both singles released so far keep the anticipation high for "Carpe Diem" and suggest an interesting blend of several different sounds for the project.