Kelow - "Finna" (Official Music Video)

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The good folks over at Cult Classic revealed to the internet world a new visual via their blog rising independent artist Kelow, who is styled in their gear. Without any surprise, it was an awesome piece.

Flowing over top a rhythmic, trill downbeat, mixed with electric synths and gritty 808's, Kelow brings forth her best in the lyrical department. Laced with a sick hook which catches the ear at first listen, there's no doubting the level of excellence in this record.



The visual takes chopped clips of different views of beautiful women alongside a pool, holding money, herb and of course - Kelow jamming out as promised. Excellent usage of visual effects and film treatment as well.

The engineering of the track is nothing less than professional, giving a super crispy clear reference through your speakers. It's awesome to hear independent music sound this good. Not saying it normally doesn't, but it's obvious there's alot of energy and effort that went into the creation of this track.


Hands down, an instant banger - indeed. 

You can follow this artist on social media at @SuperKelow, as well as Cult Classic at @cultclassicUSA