Kid Cudi Tells Fans That 'Man On The Moon 3' Is "Just A Title"

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For those who are expecting Man On The Moon 3 to sound like its predecessors, Kid Cudi has some unfortunate news for you.

Assuming he would return to his original sound, fans who were displeased with Cudi's latest projects instantly rejoiced when he announced that he will be continuing the MOTM series. However, Cudi assures fans that nothing he creates will sound like the MOTM albums. "News Flash: motm3 doesn't exist. Its just a title. It will be nothing like any of my previous work just like all my releases," he tweeted.

Cudder then suggests to give up hope if you're still waiting to hear him in old form, saying: "So, if you dont like what Im doin now, please abort the train. Do not buy my music from here on out. Its not for you. No hard feelings."

With all that being said, Cudi announced that he will reveal the release date for Speedin' Bullet to Heaven within the next two weeks.

Check out the entire rant below and listen to his latest singles "Wedding Tux" and "Judgmental Cunt" here.