Kim Kardashian Exposes Taylor Swift

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It looks like Kim Kardashian has had enough of Taylor Swift trying to play the victim in this "Famous" situation. So last night Kim tweeted that if you don't follow her on snapchat, you should. This then led to Kim posting a snap of a video recording Kanye West and Taylor Swift's phone call discussing the lyrics of "Famous" and Taylor approving of them.

This is where things get interesting! After The Life of Pablo dropped and Kanye stated on "Famous" "For all my south side niggas that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous." Taylor Swift went on stage at the GRAMMY's and bashed Kanye during her acceptance speech over these lyrics. However, these are the same exact lyrics that Taylor apparently approved of via phone call before TLOP released and Kim Kardashian has all the proof needed. Soon after, Taylor released a statement about the situation. Of course people instantly noticed that on the top left corner of her notes section it says "Search" as if this note was pre-written and planned. The media is now saying that Taylor is threatening to take legal action against Kanye for being recorded. I'd like to see how this case would play out if ever happens. If you missed Taylor Swift bashing Kanye at the GRAMMY's this year, you can watch it here: