King Visionary Drops New, Quirky Single - "Thing 4 U"

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This record takes a bit to adjust to. 

From the second the drums hit, to the start of the vocal lines, you're not quite sure where to start listening. King Visionary, quirky in his approach, adds a touch of mystique to the record, making it 'N.E.R.Dish', reminiscent to the off key, broken vocals to the likes of Pharrell. 'Thing 4 U' is honest and upfront, straight no chaser. In other words, pure music creativity at it's weirdest.

"Thing 4 U" is song about the progression of a crush, one that may be attainable, but ultimately consuming. The vibrations of this record are meant to capture this feeling, no matter how blurry, confusing or exciting it may be.'

- King Visionary

Serving as the first single from his upcoming EP, Futuristic Soul Vol. 1, Detroit artist King Visionary makes a return for his 2014 project to deliver, "Thing 4 U."Produced by KidEquip, whose specialty is house and electronic music, the bouncy up-tempo dance instrumental provides a unique backdrop for King Visionary to sing through.