Meet Mr.Zombiewalk - King Savage

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Today I got to chat with Mr. Zombiewalk himself King Savage! The 20 year old rapper from Brooklyn, NY (BedStuy to be exact) was open to let us pick his brain on his recent success. Check out the full interview below.

Where did Zombie walk originate? Who came up with it?

I had found the beat on YouTube I was bumpin it and was feeling the dark evil vibe it had an knew off the rip this was something I could f*ck with.... I had let Desiigner hear the beat 5 mins after that he looked at me and said "Zombie Walk" which is based off of the way I walk "I'm A Living Zombie".

How long have you known Desiigner?

I've known Desiigner since we were young. We grew up on the same block and lived in the same building.

Where did you guys meet? First impression of him? 

We knew each other for the longest but we first started chilling through my cousin. He would come to the crib and smoke weed & kick back. My first impression was "He's some chill goofy, tall ass n*gga". I felt his vibe the first day he's like the lil big brother I always wanted, it was always good times when we linked up.

How did you and Desiigner end up in the studio together? 

I had just touched down back home from my cruise, when I linked up with Desiigner. From there we decided to go to the studio and lay down that heat.

What was the atmosphere like when you were creating Zombie Walk?

The vibe throughout the whole session was just full of energy and hype. The mood was right, a couple blunts and some henny...I couldn't have asked for a better session.

At what point did you know this was a hit? 

We knew the song was a hit the first moment we recorded it. The whole hood was screaming Zombie Walk! At that point we knew we started something crazy.

What are you currently working on music wise? Any collaborations we should be looking out for? Songs on Desiigners debut album? 

I'm currently working on my first mixtape. I can't really say too much on the title...That's spoiling the fun, just know #DMW will be epic. As for collaborations I got a few, Desiigner is definitely one of them #StayTuned!

What's the feedback been like from Zombie walk, are people looking at you differently? 

The feedback is great, I'm definitely starting to get more buzz in the streets. I have a lot more features lined up and more interviews coming up. I'm just blessed and happy to start living my dreams...This is the sh*t I live for!

Again we'd like to thank King Savage for taking the time out to chat with us! Check out Zombie Walk below.