Fresh off of Paper Magazine's Top Ten Rising Artists You Should be Listening to, singer-songwriter Kiya Lacey is back with her latest offering, Earth Wind & Fire, an infectious melodic fusion of R&B and Electronic soundwaves. Fueled by hypnotizing harmonies and poetic lyrical content, Lacey is proving her creative genius and sultry vocals in the age of mainstream "garbage." When asked about the project, Lacey said the following:  

  "This project means a lot to me because I am learning to be free with my writing and sharing my story that I'm sure many can relate to. Combining passion, aggression, infatuation, and determination. There's pain in my voice on some tracks because I was able to record at home--- in the moment. Earth was developed by a voice memo idea combined with a poem in my notes. Wind took a couple weeks to settle on with ideas being bounced around. Fire was the first song I ever recorded in Atlanta. It's beautiful to see something i worked on come to life. It kinda makes me nervous cause I'm sharing a piece of me with you. Take time to immerse yourself into each piece. I'm so thankful for your ears and hearts."   

Kiya also shared that November would be filled with sweet surprises for her fans. So what's next from the Southern Princess? Stream the Earth Wind & Fire below and stay tuned because the she is only getting started.