Following the successful reception of ‘Love on mine’, with numerous interviews secured at local radio stations and blog features, singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Klaudia Keziah follows through with a brand new 3 track self-written EP titled ‘Gold light’ (produced by Jojo F) and features BBC introducing supported spoken word artist Banwo The Poet.  

‘Gold Light’ offers catchy hooks and soulful melodic pop vibes, supported by metaphoric songwriting and lyrics draped in optimism.

 'Gold Light' is a love song that tells the story of love at first sight, and how having all the materialistic and expensive things don’t matter, unless you have a “golden heart” and good soul. 

'Stargaze Days' features spoken word artist Banwo The Poetand depicts the current affairs within today’s generation. The chorus “Stargaze days are sure to come; the better days are here for everyone” reminds listeners that positive times will come, and hardship can be overcome.  

‘My Muse’ is a heavily metaphoric love song that describes a loved one being your muse, given the feelings and memories shared.  

As an independent artist, Klaudia has experimented with a variety of sounds which has led her to hone stages nationally and internationally, and chart on playlists iTunes, Beatport and lists alike.  

Watch the official music video to ‘Goldlight’ here:

She is definitely a force to be reckoned with in 2018! As her catchy hooks and mesmerizing vocal ability give her fans and listeners alike something to look forward to every time.