Kori Nicole's "Farewell" Is The Realest Record We've Heard in 2016

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The 24 year old songstress - Kori Nicole - who's from the small town of Portsmouth, Virginia puts on wax one of the greatest independent records (to date) in 2016.

In a day and age where relationships appear to be a dying trend of the new generation, Kori Nicole paints the picture clearly as to why this reigns true. In the video, Nicole soulfully croons over a trill R&B production, saturated with rich 808's, Keys and Hi-Hats. The visual depicts a love lost through infidelity and unfaithfulness from her lovers side, via text messages, phone calls and social media from outside women - whom Kori Nicole downgrades and calls  "silly little girls."

This is a definite must see for the fan of true R&B and soul singing. Check it out above.