Kyle Denmead Let's Us Know That Some People Make Love Look So "EASY"

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Orlando, FL singer, songwriter and producer Kyle Denmead pours his heart out in this sweet, dark melody called "Easy." Someone may make it look easy for Kyle, but we all know it isn't easy to not only feel love but to make a song that makes you feel the same way that the artist does. And Kyle is able to do just that.

This upbeat, dark track create such a beautifully, sad soundscape that further drives listeners into the emotional journey of Kyle's heart and soul.

Nowadays, it is really hard to pinpoint what exactly pop, alternative or even R&B songs are suppose to sound like. It's less about the traditional melodies and more about the unique originality.

That uniqueness makes the opening track "Easy" a perfect setter for the entire project. Hopefully, listeners will be able to feel the emotions that pour out of Kyle's sweet vocals.