Kyle Lettman - Explode (Official Video)

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"Explode" is the latest single to be released by Kyle Lettman, embodying the soul, pain and vibe of a true R&B track.

With an authentic sensual production, Kyle explores the tormenting irresistibility of the "forbidden fruit" using it as a metaphor for the pain of wanting someone badly, despite know that they could be harmful to you.

“I wanted to connect with the R&B side of myself, and Explode was the result. It tells the story of two people who just shouldn’t be in each other’s lives because of the effect they have on each other.”

The video, directed by Chas Appeti, shows Kyle and his love struggling to resist one another between the bittersweet lines, “when you feel so wrong it’s right”.

From his work with Mary J Blige to having writing credits for some of the biggest names in the business, including Frank Ocean, Ne-Yo, Nicole Sherzinger, Kele La Roc and Varren Wade, Kyle is a seasoned R&B talent that has often sneaked under the mainstream radar in recent years.