Currently hailing from Miami, emerging Canadian DJ/Production duo KYNGS from Cambridge, ON release their debut single “Let U Go” featuring Fagin. Made up of producer duo Ashton Adams and Josh Polasz, the two are the creative masterminds behind the new experimental hip-hop and EDM infused pop track. While this is the first time KYNGS has released a single, the duo initially formed back in 2011 where they’ve primarily worked behind the scenes as some of the most respected and sought-after producers in North America’s vibrant music industry. During that time, they’ve both connected with a roster labels including hip-hop powerhouse Cash Money Records. After working patiently behind the curtains, the two are now ready to release new music under their own artistry,KYNGS.

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When asked about the track, KYNGS said the following: 

“After working behind the scenes and producing music for so many talented artists over the years, it’s an exhilarating feeling to come out with something that’s truly ours,” says Ashton Adams, member of KYNGS.“We’ve been experimenting with multiple genres to create something that’s truly multi-dimensional and authentic to KYNGS’ sound. ‘Let U Go’ is just the first taste of what we have in store.”

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“What I personally love about ‘Let U Go’ is, it sounds different but it still has elements of familiarity that make it an earworm. The song itself is very relatable, which is why I think music lovers will gravitate towards it.The whole reason why we started KYNGS was to push the boundaries of our artist abilities and explore untapped sounds within musical genres and create something that listeners haven’t necessarily heard before,” says Josh Polasz, member of KYNGS.

 Individually both Ashton and Josh have rich backgrounds in music. At a young age of seven, Ashton learned to hone his skills as a drummer, guitarist, and finally leading to his new love, production. Similarly, Josh had experienced working closely with a number of bands across Canada helping create and produce records that would also mold his skills as a producer. Despite their different backgrounds the two have come together to work with notable labels including hip hop powerhouse Cash Money Records. All of these experiences have helped spark their desire to inspire people through their music. This drive to give their music a different sound while still making it appealing to the masses led to the creation of KYNGS


Check out their dope debut single above and stay tuned for more from KYNGS in 2018!