Maxwell Releases New Single "Lake By The Ocean"

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Maxwell is back after a long six year hiatus with his newest single "Lake By The Ocean". His fans across the country have been wondering when the soul crooner would drop his next exclusive. Through various posts on Twitter and Instagram, Maxwell kept his followers engaged and updated, even teasing snippets of video and music from his newest installment 'Summers' from the blackSUMMERSnight trilogy.

Maxwell tells in a recent interview:

"People are like, "Why does it take so long? Why does it take so long?" Because there's always a part of me that's like, "Nah." You know? I know I started the record, but have I lived enough of what I need to live to view it with the emotion that it needs, and then release it? I can sometimes feel like it's okay to wait. It's like ... It's not that I just want to torture people, because I know there are a few people, like, "When's the album coming?" They see me posting things, and living, and they're like, "What the hell is this about? Why are you running around, flying to Africa on safari? Where's the album?" They don't realize that living my life is what makes what they may get what it's going to be sounding like. They think it's ... some factory or something. It never worked like that for me. "

Stream it here if you have Apple Music. Or if you'd like to buy and listen - click here. Either way supports Maxwell's return. Check it out for yourself below and leave your thoughts in our DISQUS section.