Lee Mazin, 'Face No Trace'

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Lee Mazin, the female rap goddess for Meek Mill's Dreamchasers Label has dropped new heat, and wants to share it with the world.

'No Face, No Trace' is seductive. It's sexy. It's smart and witty. It's everything you would expect out of a refreshing hip hop record out of Philadelphia.

Lee Mazin holds no punches in this one, as she goes all in, chips on the table. Straight, no chaser. Everything from the production, to the lyrical breakdown delivers the gut punch to your system.

Two big thumbs up on this one, as Lee is definitely holding it down for the ladies of Philadelphia. Ever since her start as an artist, she's been evolving rapidly.

What she explained to MTV.com: 

“It’s definitely a challenge, but the way that I attacked it actually shocked me because I was playing around with it at first and I got encouraged by my family and friends,” she said, of getting her career started. “They were like, ‘you’re dope, you’re not just a rapper you’re an artist, you should really do it hard,’ and I took it serious.”

We can see the hustle and the grind. It's proof in the sauce. HYPEFRESH® are proud supporters of Lee's movement! Be sure to follow her twitter and stay posted for her new work: "No Love Lost"! Sneak peek at the album artwork below!