Lianne La Havas' 'Blood' Album is Soothing and Downright Lovely

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Lianne La Havas releases her second full length album, Blood following the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough?

Lianne La Havas hits a home run on this album. Following her tour to promote her debut album, she traveled to Jamaica alongside her mother to reconnect with her roots. The exploration inspired La Havas to begin writing Blood. During her stay, she met with reggae producer Stephan McGregor who would then go on to produce the album.

Right off the bat, the biggest word that pops into my head while listening to her debut album to Blood, is "growth." La Havas departs from her acoustic ways in the first albums and shows her versatility through a neo-soul and jazz style, with elements of R&B, doo-wop, reggae and gospel music.

The album is kicked off by "Unstoppable," a true summer jam that's easy, breezy and whimsical. Her warm aura exudes throughout not only her voice, but the earthy melody.


"Is Your Love Big Enough?" Is another dreamy, soulful track that builds with each second, with a triumphant ending of clapping and Las Havas' booming vocals rush in a like a soothing waterfall.

Las Havas can get compared to Corrine Bailey Rae or Laura Mvula with her soulful tunes really resonating with listeners.

"Green and Gold" is a coming of age love song that explores her Jamaican and Greek backgrounds. The rhythm gives a subtle salute to Las Havas' Jamaican roots.

"Never Get Enough" is the only tiny hiccup in the otherwise flawless album. Almost every song flows seamlessly from one to the next, but "Never Get Enough" is like the one tiny speed bump. It alternates between her trademark acoustic sound to an abrupt, harsh change to different electronic vibes. The back and forth gets daunting for the listener.

La Havas wins with Blood. It's introspective, soothing and downright lovely.

Lianne La Havas' album Blood is out now.