Liquor Store Lean Lights A Joint & Gets 'Jumpin' (Official Video)

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Liquor Store Lean is back with the latest visual for his highly successful single, "Jumpin". The idea is simple. It's the story of two Leans. One takes a smoke of Kush and goes on an epic adventure while the other turns down the doobie for a rather boring day. The lesson here? Never turn down a wake n bake session! Fueled by captivating and hazy visuals, the video provides the viewer with a trippy adventure seems all too familiar for the herbal folks out there. Like his music, this visual is an insight into his undoubted creative genius.

LiquorStoreLean started off quietly rapping at the age of 17 with a local rap group. They parted ways a year later as LSL's confidence grew to embark on his journey to a solo career. Over the years, with much trial and tribulations, having performed shows with Nipsey Hussle, TDE and 2 Chainz to name a few, there was no doubt the odds were in his favor to flourish to more exciting endeavors. Influenced by the sounds of 80’s funk to modern rap, his eloquent sound is both abstract and complex. His next project LiquorStore EP Pt. 2 is due this year! In the mean time, check out the trippy, psychedelic track above!