LISTEN: Rae Sremmurd Drops New Single "#DoYoga"

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On Monday, the rap duo Rae Sremmurd released "#DoYoga," a single off of their upcoming "SremmLife 2" album.

"SremmLife 2" is set to release on August 12 and is anticipated by hip-hop fans undoubtedly intrigued by what the duo's sophomore album has in store. Fans have been patiently waiting for the project to drop for some time now, as "SremmLife 2" was pushed back to August 12 a week before its initial release date of June 24.

"SremmLife 2" is the sequel album to Rae Sremmurd's debut studio project, "SremmLife," which was released in January of 2015. Their debut was highly acclaimed and went platinum, led by singles including "No Flex Zone," "No Type," and "Come Get Her."

With "SremmLife 2," the duo will attempt to create another successful commercial album that can be bolstered by popular singles. In addition to "#DoYoga," Rae Sremmurd dropped "Look Alive," "Over Here," and "By Chance" in April, March, and February, respectively.

All of the singles from "SremmLife 2" so far have featured a slower and more laid-back feel than the mainly energetic and frantic songs off of "SremmLife," hinting at a possible change in sound and direction for the duo's coming album. Nevertheless, in the four singles, the rappers' complementary flows remain on display and still are a focal point of their style.

Check out "#DoYoga" below.