Listen to "Death Proof", Chløë Black's Ode To "Hedonism"

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Chloe Black, rising L.A. pop sensation who's already hit a whopping 2M plays on Soundcloud, and topping Hype Machine 3 times for her debut project 27 Club. Starting out a waitress in a L.A. strip club, her pursuit for breaking success was redirected in music.

"Though there are certain parallels between the song and it’s namesake (the 2007 Quentin Tarantino film) this particular 'Death Proof' has no obvious villain. Says Ms. Black to hypefresh. It is a song about jubilant self destruction, a song that captures the ‘fuck it’ moments of youth borne from boredom, depression or simple naïveté.”

Written by Chloe and produced by hit-making production team TMS, it’s another sophisticated, radio-ready track that screams a real songwriting poise in the young star, as well as a pensive head on her shoulders.

Listen to the "stadium" ready single Death Proof below.