Listen To "Disguise" By London's Very Own, SAMSON

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Introducing SAMSON, the London born crooner getting critical acclaim by Zane Lowe of Beats 1. Returning with his second 2016 single "Disguise", his efforts to highlight the importance of one being truthfully honest with "self " is remarkably straightforward. Layering his vocals in a carefully crafted instrumental by music producer SAKIMA (who's also emerging and receiving Zane Lowe's praise) the two create a haunting, yet pleasurable sound like no other.

When asked about the inspiration behind "Disguise", SAMSON opened up entirely:

"I wanted to create a track which confronts our need to change personas. Disquise is about being raw and honest with yourself. It's about being in control of your own body and not having to love in order to feel passion in return. Collaborating with SAKIMA on this release encouraged me to challenge myself and be more open in my writing. His production emulates a sense of mystery, which fits perfectly with the song's message."

Being the follow up to his recent single successor "In My Mind", SAMSON anticipates that "Disguise" will hit home for many of new listeners who can relate. And we'd concur, music hasn't sounded this chilling - yet sexy since the days of the Legendary Prince. SAMSON could easily be identified in tip-toeing in that shadow.