Krucial's project weaves epic trap tales with an introspective and melancholy perspective.

Meet Clay Perry III, also known as Krucial. Hailing from Memphis, TN Krucial’s music is atypical of what you think of when you hear Memphis. His newest project Sad Tomorrow's hosted Taylor Gang's DJ Motor Mane weaves epic melodic trap tales with an introspective and melancholy perspective. Krucial's strength lies in his vivid story telling. He's unabashedly honest about his struggles with depression, addiction, and loss. At no point does Krucial seem to be simply just a rapper every moment seems vulnerable and genuinely human. 

His ear for beats is impeccable as well. Despite the heavy subject matter every song thumps.  Each song on the 15 track affair wrestles with the bleakness of reality but none more than the project's closing track "Suicide Note" wherein Krucial recounts a letter sent to him by a childhood friend in prison. Sad Tomorrows is a gripping narrative of loss and depression with a silver lining of unyielding faith in one's self.  Listen to Sad Tomorrow's and watch the video for "Suicide Note" below.