LISTEN: $wipe X Lil Blanco X Uri Divers Drop "Gone Before The Winter"

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The city of Philadelphia is taking off this summer. This new raw wave of artist has brought a sense of originality, style, and finesse starting all from the muscle up and by staying close to their hoods. All heavily representing where they came from and staying true to their pure talent, these new artist are giving a fresh vibe to Trilladelphia.

Uptown Philadelphia natives, Uri Divers, $wipe, and Lil Blanco came together this summer to bring us a fire collab titled "Gone Before The Winter." Rapping over the Monica throwback 'Gone,' I listened to this record and immediately felt the old Philly vibe. I began to make ill faces and nod my head to the beat like I would if I was listening to a modern day Young Gunz. Throughout the track, they all talk a little heavy and emphasize how artists should focus on building and leave the bull**** where it's at. Dropping this heat a few days after the beginning of summer-- $wipe, Lil Blanco, and Uri Divers would like to wish us all a #SafeSummer. 

Stream "Gone Before The Winter" below: