Logic Drops New Mixtape, "Bobby Tarantino"

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In a surprise move late last night, Maryland rapper Logic released "Bobby Tarantino" to Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The free new EP has 11 tracks and includes "Wrist," and "Flexecution," several recent singles from Logic. The dark trap beats and self-c0nfident nature of the mixtape make it an enjoyable Logic project.

"This mixtape is for my fans," Logic said on Twitter. "I wanted to give u something for the Summer. Thank you for always supporting me. Enjoy."

The theme of the summer mixtape is Logic spitting over trap beats and, essentially, having fun on the tracks. "Bobby Tarantino" takes on a sullen yet upbeat and energetic feel; an atmosphere engineered by the beats Logic raps over. Lyrics-wise, the mixtape is Logic at his most confident, with him looking at the resounding success of his November of 2015 sophomore album "The Incredible True Story" and his reiterating his place in the rap game.

"Bobby Tarantino" is the most recent project released by Logic since "The Incredible True Story," which dropped and received much acclaim from fans and critics. It's also his first mixtape since 2013's "Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever." Logic's release tree will only expand in the coming years, though, as according to the rapper on multiple occasions throughout the mixtape, "Bobby Tarantino" is just a bridge to his next studio album.

"Wait for the album, see how you feel/My third album, my Graduation like Kanye," Logic says on "The Jam," the mixtape's third track. Later on the song, he says: "Everybody know I've been at it with this rap s---/F--- around with this trap s---/But this next album is a wrap, s---."

Later, on "Slave II," Logic says that "This s--- right here for the party/That album that comin', that's s--- for the spirit, woo!"

This mixtape, which was put together while Logic was on tour for The Incredible True Story, is a positive addition to his discography and will only heighten the anticipation for his next album.