London-Based Singer Mi'das Puts A New Spin On Pop Music With New Tune, "Feels Like Only Yesterday"

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Produced by Nathan Williams, "Feels Like Only Yesterday" places Mi'das' trademark soulful vocal and guitar style at centre stage.

The London-based singer's new tune contains echoes of the best works of the 60s and 70s and draws on his Stevie Wonder influences. The narrative of the song speaks of the worry-free innocence of youth through deeper subject matter than your average pop song.

My viewpoint is that popular music doesn't have to be throwaway. We as musicians, songwriters and earthlings have the opportunity to say something in that 3-4 minute window. If we convey it honestly and concisely it will hopefully then carry to the listener and affect them -Mi'das

After visiting BBC Radio for a bit of press & to debut his new single to that audience, Mi'das received input from BBC London's own Robert Elms, who said the record was "absolutely fantastic".

Amazingly put.