SAMSON Fuses Electro & Soul For Debut Single, "In My Mind"

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A new London-born singer steps into the spotlight – SAMSON releases his debut track ‘In My Mind’ – a heartfelt musing on the psychological trials of today’s youth – isolated, confusing and against all odds, hopeful.

One of the most engaging debut vocals we’ve heard this year, SAMSON unleashes an unsettlingly calming and inherently powerful ode to growing up in 2016. Produced by emerging producer Sakima (already receiving heavyweight acclaim from Zane Lowe at Beats 1), SAMSON emphasises his transition lyrically to the present day problem of generation Y’s internal demons and struggles – and beyond it all the desire to communicate. Counting artists like Gallant, NAO and Mura Masa amongst his influences, Samson offers his own take on contemporary life.

Speaking on ‘In My Mind’, SAMSON states:

I wrote 'In My Mind' for all of those constantly battling their own demons and internal struggles. Nobody deserves to feel that way. It's so important to be open about things, in today's world of social media and its focus on body image. I wanted to move away from writing about relationships and focus on personal issues we all go through. Sakima‘s dark, colder production I felt balanced the lyrical emotion of the song.”

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