Lupe Fiasco Releases "Pick Up the Phone"

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lupe fiasco

Today, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco dropped a new single, perhaps indicating more new music in the near future. Titled "Pick Up The Phone," the song is available for streaming on Lupe's website at

Fiasco's most recent full-length release was "Tetsuo & Youth," which came out in January of 2015. It was his fifth studio album, joining seven other mixtapes from earlier in his career.

This year, Lupe is looking to add to his stacked discography. The rapper has taken to Twitter to tease three new albums: "Drogas Light," "Drogas," and "Skulls." Although he is very ambiguous and constantly shifting details about the projects, fans are waiting to hear another project from the artist.

"Pick Up The Phone" has a pop feel from the instrumental to the guitar-riff on the hook, representing a more commercial and radio-friendly sound. The track includes two tight verses from Lupe, too. The song, though, plays into fans' waiting game: it could be a single for any of the teased future projects, or it could just be a loose song the rapper decided to release.

Nevertheless, more Lupe is better than no Lupe at all.