EXCLUSIVE: Lil Uzi's Producer Maaly Raw Is On His Way to Becoming A Household Name

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You might have heardLil Uziscream out "DAT BE MAALY RAW" before the beat drops on one of your favorite tracks. The 21 - year old is credited for a number of Uzi's popular singles such as Safe House, Money Longer, Hi Roller, and Canadian Goose.

With his style and work ethic similar to some of the biggest DJ's in the game, his success with Lil Uzi has turned heads of listeners and has made MaalyRawa hot commodity. He also recently collabed with French Montana on their latest track, Two Times.

Upon all of that, MaalyRaw definitely feels there is room to grow; with aspirations of working with some of the most major names in the industry and already working with some of the hottest producers in the game such as Don Cannon for example.

MaalyRaw recently spoke with HYPEFRESHMAG about his influences, his relationship with Lil Uzi, and newest single Two Times with French Montana.


At what point did you feel like you wanted to take producing seriously?

Maaly Raw: I first started with my cousin Dee Jones who’s been doing this his whole life. I used to go over to his place all the time asking him to teach me how to do it but I was never serious until he showed me the basics. It took about 30 seconds. The program was already on my computer so I went home and started going hard every day.

Who are some of you're favorite producers right now and have you connected with any of them for guidance?

Maaly Raw: Producers like Lex Luger; that was my favorite producer coming up. All I use to listen to was trap music. Drumma Boy, 808 Mafia, Sonny Digital..all of them guys. They were all influences for me coming up but I have't reached out to any of them yet.

Explain how the new track with French Montana "Two Times" came about.

Maaly Raw: His people hit up DJ Drama first. Then Drama contacted (Don) Cannon and from there I sent over a (production) pack to all of them including French and an A&R from EPIC named Zoey; Two Times was one of those tracks I sent over.

Did he give you any advice moving forward?

Maaly Raw: He just wants to see me win. That’s all.

You've worked with a number of artists. Most of them providing different styles and flows. Who has impacted you the most? 

Maaly Raw: Uzi for sure. His fanbase is crazy and the more popular he gets, just makes it better and opens more doors just from me producing some of his biggest hits.

What can be the most difficult part of the beat-making process?

Maaly Raw: There’s nothing difficult for me personally but sometimes it’s a struggle producing for artists who I have no connection with and just want me to purchase a beat.

How do you two keep the chemistry?

Maaly Raw: We’re really close. He’s VERY selective with his music too; the beat can't just be a regular beat. And when we’re in the studio he will always tell me: “Step outside of the box” when it comes to him.

What's your favorite track from you two?

Maaly Raw: We’ve been making music for a while now so it’s hard to pick just a few. But most recently I’d probably have to say Hi Roller or Canadian Goose. Those joints go crazy!

Is there any pressure these days when you know people are expecting a banger from you two?

Maaly Raw: Not really. I don't ever hear any bad reviews when we drop.

Like I said, we have that connection to where we know what to expect from each other and even with our fans expecting us to make hits, I still don’t feel too much pressure.

Uzi recently announced "The Perfect LUV Tape", can we expect a banger (or two or three) from the two of you on there?

Maaly Raw: Yes. Most Definitely. Me and Don Cannon always working too; we got something together on there too.

Just from what you have seen so far in the music industry, what is some advice you would give to an up and coming or aspiring producer?

Maaly Raw: Just keep working everyday, non stop. Anything that you're looking to be the best in, you have to make it your job 100 percent. If you're not going hard, you might as well not even do it. When I first came out I promoted myself as an artist and most producers don't do that. If you want to be a go-to producer you have to promote yourself as an artist.

Where do you see yourself from now to next summer?

Maaly Raw: Placements with major artists, a household name by next year.

Basically, just where I am now times two!