Macheeste, "Higher" (Official Video)

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When your ears first tune in to the sounds of Macheeste, your brain processes it a bit differently than most songs.

For starters, this rising indie artist is coming to the table with a different approach than most records you hear on the daily. No, this isn't for the lightweights. If your looking for "money, cash & hoes" you won't find that here either. This is pure creativity, and a healthy dose of spirituality for your system. Honestly, this record is very distinguished, putting you in the mind of a Ne-Yo, with awesomely written lyrics and a tasteful song structure. It's the perfect song to wake up to daily, if you rely on your alarm clock to get you up in the morning.

Macheeste also has a new album out (which dropped the 17th of September) "Redemption", which is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and more. Show your love and support for this upcoming artist, as we'll be pretty sure to hear alot more from him in the near future. The links are available below!

iTunes Link To "Redemption"