East-London grime highlife duo Makola have just released their hard-hitting single 'Black Man Statues' which dropped last Friday via Complex. Their return marks the return of feel-good afro-funk, creating a diverse sound that is a genius blend of grime, afro and hip hop while encapsulating the sounds of their hometown. 

Having garnered success from BBC Radio 1's DJ Target, Mistajam, Apple Music UK and Beats 01 DJ Julie Adenuga, Makola are solidifying their unparalleled presence in music. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 8.16.02 PM.png

When asked about the video, Makola said the following: 

"The video is us taking you through the world of Makola, the things we see and encounter. With our mask on you see things through our eyes. Black Man Statues isn't particularly tied down to specific race but more about real and static depictions of culture within London. How will we be depicted in the future? All we can hope for are honest representations and as long as diversity is captured and celebrated our generations story shall be told and celebrated for evolving a sense of humanity and community. We are all Black Man Statues."

Their new single, 'Black Man Statues' is set to posit Makola as the ultimate standout group in the British music scene as they prep for a big 2017. 

Check out the striking visuals above and be sure to stay tuned for more from Makola here