"Different League" is the first music video release of the year for Manu Crook$. Shot in the streets of Paris, this Aussie rapper shows how he's coming for the top spot through his use of catchy lyricism and style.
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Far from the dirty south, or the inner streets of the east coast, comes a sound from down under. With a menacing beat, and insidious overlay of lyrics, Manu Crook$, an African-Australian hip-hop artist, hits the year hard with his first release of 2018. Incomparable to some Australian based music, Crook$ highly anticipated visual for “Different League,” encompasses his stray away from normal. Set miles a part from any tourist or glimpse of the Eifel Tower, “Different League” takes places in the heart of one of Paris’s suburban projects.

The video, shot by two French directors, takes place in different scenes set throughout Paris. As the video begins, Crook$ is captured strolling into the center of some suburban projects, as a dark and cloudy world is left floating in the far background. A few scenes later, and he's seen sharing his time on camera with an attractive young co-star by his side. All of this ultimately adding to the original intent of the song, which is to tell a story of Crook$ increasing success, and the trials and tribulations that come with dating as a result of it. And whether it be intentional or not, “Different League” boldly alludes to the international artist’s taste in fashion and style. Dressed throughout the video in many cool outfits, but mostly in an all black puffer jacket and designer glasses hugged in gold, he makes two things clear. One, that he has what it takes to be a breakout ar, and second, that he can look the part as well.

Already generating lots of buzz, Crook$ hopes to continue his success by a staying true to who he is. In an article posted by Highsnobiety, Crook$ says, “I’m doing whatever I want, I’m not trying follow any rules. I’m not signed to any label, I’m doing this shit independent. I do everything on my time. That’s my mood forever, I hope people got that concept.” By constantly pushing his abilities as an artist to new dimensions, in an effort to keep any one song from sounding alike, Manu Crook$ may soon become the Aussie rapper that everyone knows. 

For now, fans and all others interested, can see him in select regions of Canada while on his Mood Forever Tour. It is expected to recommence this month, with more dates and locations to be announced. 

So stay up to date: https://www.facebook.com/officialmanucrooks/