Marc E. Bassy ft. Ty Dolla $ign - That's Love

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Following singer-songwriter Marc E. Bassy's performances opening up for his homegirl Kehlani's sold-out West Coast tour dates, the Bay Area-bred, LA-based artist is releasing a new song called "That's Love."

Originally written by Marc for Ty Dolla $ign, Marc decided to release the track himself and simply have Ty guest on the track.

"That's Love" is a timeless story of intimacy, vulnerability, trust, and to put it simply, love. It's about love for your significant other who, despite your squabbles, holds you down because what you’ve got is real. It's about love for your ride-or-die who knows you better than you know yourself, who, when they see you fucking up, will firmly set you back on your path.

With a soothing guitar lick, "That's Love" opens with a welcoming, melancholy vibe, accentuated by Marc and Ty's emotional and passionate lyrical delivery.

As Marc described it, "The people that love you the most are the hardest on you. Everyone needs to get a little ass kicking sometimes. It’s a good time for people to embrace love of all kinds,” and adds, "I wrote this song originally for Ty thinking he might use it on his album and I even modeled my vocals after him. He's a real one for giving me such an amazing verse."