Mase Well gives listeners a "Reason to Believe"

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Mase Well gives listeners a 'Reason to Believe' with the release of his dope new video.


The song was originally released in 2014 off of his EP, The Complex.

Mase says "Reason to Believe" is “a video centered around the idea that we would all like to be doing way cooler stuff than we actually do like riding flying camels.”

The quote may sound crazy, but Mase excels at his craft and his video speaks for itself. His flow is so natural and smooth. It seems effortless, but we know that he puts a ton of time and effort into those ingenious rhymes. Mase has a commanding presence and keeps the viewers attention throughout the vid.

Besides his clever lyrics and smooth style another integral part of this successful story is the videography by Jon Schwartz.  Schwartz, a native of Newtown, CT is currently attending Columbia College in Chicago for film. His style is simplistic and evokes a thought-provoking vibe for the piece.

If you missed Mase's last single that we featured, check it out here. Otherwise follow him on Facebook and Twitter.